Jazz Camps and Clinics

Utah Jazz Camps and Clinics are designed to provide basketball instruction for boys and girls of all ages. Beyond basketball, they help youth develop leadership skills, teamwork, and more.

Our summer camps and clinics are now open for registration. With camps in St. George, Utah County, Salt Lake County, Davis County, Logan, and Idaho there’s a camp for your child near you. Choose from our Next Level and Development Camps and Clinics and register your child today!

Development Camps and Clinics are designed for players of all levels who want to enjoy learning the basics of the game in a fun and non-threatening environment. These camps and clinics will spend time working on the basics of the game including shooting, dribbling, passing, and defense. Time will also be spent playing games in both a 3v3 and 5v5 setting. There are little baller clinics for ages 4-6 and a wide range of camps and clinics for ages 7-17. Coaches in these camps will focus on teaching those who are new to the game and challenging those who may have more experience playing the game.

Next Level Clinics are designed for basketball players who have some experience playing the game, feel comfortable dribbling the ball with either hand, can shoot a basketball with confidence, and are looking for ways to learn and improve their overall game. Emphasis will be placed on helping players improve skills they have already developed and take them to the next level. Each of these camps will utilize the technology at Shoot 360 to add an extra element for improving their skill level.

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