The Best Way to Improve Your Game of Basketball


By Gary Seljaas

To get better at anything you do in life you must be willing to work at it correctly over and over. In the game of basketball, a player will learn the proper techniques for drills that help them improve their ball handling, passing, shooting, attack, and finishing. These are the drills they do over and over to perfect these individual skills but then they must be able to apply them to a team sport.

Most coaches from the NBA on down focus very heavily on using 3v3 training and games to learn the application of the developed skills. The fast-paced nature of 3v3 forces players to constantly be in motion and helps players learn to move without the ball which results in more opportunities to pass, cut, set screens, and play off the dribble drive action. Additional benefits include more opportunities to touch and handle the ball, more defensive learning opportunities, faster paced game, and an emphasis on offensive movement.

If you truly want to learn the game or take your current game to the next level the logical progression is playing 3v3. With our Utah Jazz 3v3 Training Series we have put together all the pieces to help young athletes enjoy the game. To learn more about our 3v3 Training Series, and to get signed up, visit our website by clicking HERE.