Summer 3-on-3!

By: Ryan Kostecka

For as long as many of us have known, basketball has been a game featuring 10 players, two hoops, one court, and one ball — with the objectivity of getting the ball in the hoop on one end of the court and preventing the ball from going into the hoop on the other end.

Alas, change is upon all of us — and the Utah Jazz are all about continuing that change and helping the game of basketball continue to grow. That’s why Utah is helping lead the charge of integrating the newest form of basketball that’s beginning to take shape worldwide.

Making its debut last year during the Summer Olympics, 3-on-3 is a different version of basketball that’s beginning to change the game and become extremely popular worldwide. Because of this, the Jazz will be moving forward this summer with a primary focus on 3-on-3 competition — highlighted by a tournament in July.

“The Salt Lake City Summer League 3v3 tournament aligns perfectly with the core of the Utah Jazz youth programs in encouraging people, regardless of age and ability, to participate and improve their skills,” program director Nate Martinez. “Summer league is a fun atmosphere to celebrate the game and a unique opportunity to be a fan and a player.”

This year, many of Utah’s camps, clinics, and programs will be focusing on 3-on-3 competition to introduce the new game to those who are curious.

There are many benefits to this entirely different style of play, which focuses on spacing and pick-and-roll a lot more than today’s game in the NBA.

The 3-on-3 skill development program, which is part of Utah Jazz Camps and Clinics presented by adidas, is designed to teach players of all ages and skill levels the most important aspects of the team game. The focus is on developing skills related to the individual player’s game and how it relates to every other player on the court.

Time is spent working on ball-handling, shooting, passing, and attack-and-finish drills. These skills are an essential part of the game and ones that each player should continually work on.

There is also time spent each week on a different aspect of the 3-on-3 game to understand the following:

1) Spacing — how to create proper spacing with your teammates to open driving lanes and making it more challenging to play help defense.
2) On-Ball And Off-Ball Picks — helps to get the offensive player open for a shot, drive, or to create a mismatch.
3) Defense — teach the player proper footwork and positioning to defend and help at the same time.

Click HERE for more information on our 3-on-3 skill development camps this summer.

While the camps and clinics will primarily serve as learning tools for the newest version of the game, the tournament will allow everyone to showcase their individual and team skills.

The Salt Lake City Summer League 3-on-3 Tournament is set to be played on July 6 and the Park Place parking lot, directly northeast of Vivint Arena. The tournament offers opportunities in 35 recreational and competitive divisions, including boys and girls from ages 7-18 and men’s and women’s age 19+ categories from six-foot-and-under to elite teams.

Click HERE for more information on the tournament and all of the benefits and rules.

As the game of basketball enters this time of change, the Jazz Youth Programs are inspired to encourage and cultivate that change — come join us for some fun.